With more than 45 years of experience, Lataif, LLC has served multi-national businesses as well as individuals and families by managing their immigration needs.


Our areas of expertise

  • All business related non-immigrant and immigrant matters (E-1 / E-2, H-1B, H-3, L-1, I-140, employment verification, blanket programs, etc.)
  • Federal court litigation
  • Religious worker cases
  • Citizenship and naturalization matters
  • Administrative appeals
  • Freedom of Information Act Requests and Litigation
  • Medical cases (Doctors, researchers, J-waivers, etc.)
  • SEVIS and Educational Institutional Immigration Needs
  • Relinquishment and abandonment of permanent residence
  • Renunciation of US citizenship
  • Deportation and removal matters
  • Consular practice
  • Waivers of inadmissibility
  • O and P petitions for musicians and athletes
  • EB-5 investor cases
  • Re-entry permit applications
  • Immediate relative petitions
  • DACA, VAWA and Asylum cases